Back in 2015 I was selected as one of my diocese’s participants in the ‘Regional Shared Conversations’ the Church of England is running as part of its response to the Pilling Report. In Oxford diocese, where I live and work, the Bishop asked for volunteers, so I wrote in and offered: other dioceses chose their participants in other ways. In Spring 2016 I took part in one of the three-day residential events which every diocese has now experienced.

Links to the Shared Conversations documents and the Pilling Report are on http://www.sharedconversations.org and https://www.churchofengland.org/media/1891063/pilling_report_gs_1929_web.pdf

Health warning – the Pilling Report is a long one…

The Shared Conversations operate under the St Michael’s House Protocols so I can only talk in very general terms about the experience, and focus on my own reactions. However, the Protocols also ask us to share what happened, and it’s in that spirit that I offer my thoughts before and after the event, and around the issues of human sexuality which we’re exploring. I suspect this will include making connections between the way my church reacts to sexuality, and my Day Job as a Professor of Classical Studies. It would be odd if it didn’t!

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